SOS Group provides educational entities with highly trained and qualified FULL-TIME and PART-TIME EMPLOYEES and DAILY and LONG-TERM SUBSTITUTE staff who exhibit competence, integrity, and self-management to fill positions in all areas of operations. We ensure that staff receive necessary training and meet state mandates prior to the start of any position and receive continual professional development. Areas of staffing include paraprofessional, food service, custodial and maintenance, and clerical. Learn more about our staffing services.

SOS Group provides administrative personnel with relevant current experience to address ONGOING and INTERIM VACANCIES. These administrators hit the ground running and bring a UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE that contributes to finding new and innovative ways to address each school’s needs.

SOS Group provides CONSULTATION for all areas of district administration.  Our expertise and experience as professional educators and administrators, allows us to offer schools guidance in EFFICIENCY, REGULATION, and COMPLIANCE, yielding cost savings that can be redirected within overall operating budgets.

We know that success is the result of WELL-TRAINED prepared individuals. To do this, we work closely with schools to understand their needs and then use that KNOWLEDGE to train employees for each position and throughout their career with SOS Group. Trainings are offered in all service areas and can be provided as an independent service at the request of any school.