SOS Group believes that schools deserve dedicated SUPPORT STAFF, relevant TRAININGS, and effective ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS to help meet the needs of today’s students.

We PARTNER with schools to PROVIDE qualified full and part-time staff, daily and long-term substitutes, expertise, and training in the areas of paraprofessionals, food services, and facilities.

We’re PROUD to be educators. It’s who we are and it’s woven through every aspect of our company.

We understand the expectations and demands placed on administrators, teachers, and support staff. And we respect the PASSION and DEDICATION of educators.

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for schools, students, or staff.

At the core of our work is our MISSION of collaborating with schools to create innovative solutions, implemented with pride, passion, and knowledge to improve the student experience every day.

We’re led by our GUIDING PRINCIPLES of collaboration, passion, communication, dependability, adaptability, opportunity, and integrity.